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Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogging stories

I've been mulling over the idea on how to blog more honestly about
things happening in my life, and realized that it would make sense for
me to keep a second, concurrent but anonymous blog that is a purely
storytelling blog. Not mentioning anyones name, not even having 100%
correlation to anyone in particular, but it will let me blog about the
peculiarities of life, living, and the colorfulness and uniqueness of
people I meet without having any risk at all with offending anyone.
There have been a lot of real-life stories in this blog, and that
mixed up with the few fictional pieces, makes its focus blurred. It's
time to evolve this setup in a more workable manner, so that I can
have a blog simply for my creations.

I will keep this blog as a story of my journey, which will be more
like a diary, and I'm going to create a totally separate and unrelated
blog for fictional stories, which will really be variants of what I
see in my real life turned to fictional story form. I will not point
the two blogs to each other in any way so that I can use the second
blog to prattle on and explore my creativity without stressing out
about hurting anyones feelings. That's seriously bad, and I simply
don't want to do that. However, I do want to take the caricatures
that people often present and use those caricatures as models for
fictional characters. People are just too interesting for me to just
prattle on about only "safe" things. I want to go beyond safe and get
to "honest". (but in a nonhurtful way, so both anonymously, and also
through the use of creative fiction or nonfiction, but written via
anonymous pen, where there's no way whatsoever to ever map the story
to any person).

I guess I mention this here, because it's my next step in my journey.
I will keep this blog to allow myself a forum for rambling about how
that other process is going, but only in a general way.

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Damyanti said...

Sounds exactly like what I want to do. But for the moment I have more blogs than I can handle already and will keep the creative stuff in my comp and not post it.